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SHAFTSTIK® Golf Club Rapid Set Shaft Extension Glue – Two Part Adhesive



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Product Details

SHAFTSTIK® ‘DON’T LOSE YOUR HEAD SHAFT EXTENSION GLUE’ exclusively available to every club maker and golf workshop and enthusiast across Europe.

SHAFTSTIK® ‘DON’T LOSE YOUR HEAD SHAFT EXTENSION GLUE’ is a two-part rapid fast-setting ‘high impact’ toughened’ adhesive developed specifically for use to with a wide variety of substrates such as, plastic and steel shaft extensions, used in conjunction with steel golf club shafts, graphite golf shafts and other materials associated with golf club components.

Professional’s and Custom-Fit Workshops use this every day for building and extending golf clubs. It has been tried, tested, and improved over many years and has sold over 1m+ units worldwide. The formula makes this one of the best solutions for golf club extensions available. Designed to get the golfer back on the course in rapid time!

It cures rapidly at room temperature within 3 minutes and is fully cured after 10 minutes, allowing you to handle, continue work and use/play with the club with confidence after a very short period of time.

After 10 minutes you can work on, or use/play with the golf club as required, such as re-gripping, painting and making loft and lie adjustments without sacrificing valuable workshop time or overall strength of the bond. Ideal for those that need a fast setting toughened epoxy and need to be ready for play after only 10 minutes.

‘So don’t lose your head’ and use SHAFTSTIK with the upmost confidence!    

Typical Curing Properties

Mix ratio by volume 1:1

Maximum gap fill 2 mm

Usable / pot life @23°C 3 mins

Handling time @23°C 3 mins

Working strength @ 10 mins

Full cure @23°C 10 mins

Dries Semi-Clear/ Off white

An increase of 8°C in temperature will halve the cure time. Lower temperatures will result in a slower cure time.

Golf Shaft Preparation: Surfaces/Shafts/Extensions should be clean, dry and grease-free before applying the adhesive. Use a suitable solvent (such as acetone or isopropanol) for the degreasing of surfaces if required. Most shafts and surfaces will benefit from light abrasion with emery cloth / sanding belts (or similar), to remove any oxide layer and provide a better bond by creating a key. All chrome and shiny surfaces should be removed.

Directions for Use: 1. Dual cartridges: Remove the cartridge cap and push any air out of the tubes and dispense epoxy until both sides are flowing equally. 2. Mix equal amounts for approximately 30 seconds. 3. Apply the epoxy to one or both components. 4. Join the parts and apply a firm pressure, a slight twist on insertion is recommended but not after the epoxy starts to cure, secure components if possible. 5. Parts must be joined within 3 minutes of mixing the two epoxy components. 6.  Large quantities and/or higher temperature will decrease the usable mix time life.  7. Full cure will be obtained after 10 minutes at 23°C.  Heat can be used to accelerate the curing process but always remember the saying in club making ‘longer is stronger’. Allow a minimum of 10 minutes before using the golf club. Note: This epoxy can be used with our glass shafting beads to further strengthen the bond.

Safety Guidelines:

Use in accordance with the safety data sheet (provided on request) and/or the guidelines as per the label/s on the product. For further assistance with this product call our helpline on +44 (1952 743 038).

Shelf life and Storage Store in a cool dry place in an air tight container and replace cap straight after use, always keep upright when storing. Follow all the guidelines within the safety data sheet (available on request). If stored correctly this product has a shelf life for a period of 6 months.


The development, manufacturing and engineering of the adhesives, glues, and epoxy resins used spans four decades and three continents, of which is backed up by a high-tech ISO certified production plant and high-grade manufacturing and research and development facility, with expertise of the highest level.

Be sure to check out our ‘SHAFTSTIK Glass Shafting beads for an even stronger bond when re-shafting or fitting shaft extensions. Used with our Mixing Sticks and Mixing Board we have you covered!

For an instant bond in seconds check out of SHAFTSTIK Super Glue’, the ultimate golf workshop solution for those that require a super glue that bonds in seconds.

Our Two-Part Shafting Glue is also available for your re-shafting requirements and those that want the ultimate bond when securing your clubhead to the shaft.

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