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Softspikes Cyclone Golf Cleats Fast Twist® Gold/Black (Old Deep Thread)

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Product Details

Cyclone is a multi-material cleat with an advanced rotational design to counteract the forces seen during impact.

These are the only deep thread that are made to fit much older shoes that had the original old deep Fast Twist and Tri Lok Thread system.

In nearly all cases the New FT 3.0 thread that is cross compatible with most Fast Twist Styles New and Old, including the old Fast Twist and Tri Lok systems and in most cases the FT 3.0 is the thread to purchase, although the Cyclone Cleat will work for the original Fast Twist and Tri Lok systems. You do however have a much wider range of choice in the new FT 3.0 thread option.

If you are still unsure and think that the old deep thread is what you require please drop us an email with a side on view of your existing thread and we can verify the correct thread for you.

Product Details
Includes 1 set of replacement golf cleats (18 cleats).

For more information about insert systems and cleat replacement, click here.

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Additional information

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