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Srixon Q-Star Tour Golf Balls White (Dozen)

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Product Details

Srixon has created the Q Star Tour Golf Ball so that golfers of all skill levels, either amateur or professional, are able to achieve brilliant distance on their golf swings while still being able to generate plenty of launch and greenside spin needed for long approach shots to the greens.

This golf ball is able to generate the same distance that is expected of a tour-level golf golfer while still offering exceptional feel and control thanks to the uses of a new Srixon FastLayer Core. The core of this golf ball has been constructed with a lower overall compression which allows for shots that are played off golf clubs such as drivers, fairway woods and golf hybrids are able to travel down the fairway in a much straighter ball flight. The lower compression core has also been designed with a softer inner core that gradually becomes much closer to the outer edges which not only provides great distance but also offers a much softer feel for more control.

Srixon has included another feature in the design of this golf ball to enable to create much straighter ball flights, a 338 Speed Dimple pattern. The 338 dimple design allows the ball to travel through the air in a much more aerodynamic way to not only maximise the amount of lift and distance that can be created on shots but also provide greater accuracy even when playing in windier course conditions.

To ensure that when using golf wedges or irons that players are able to create maximum greenside spin, Srixon has used a thermoplastic urethane cover which allows the ball to stretch and bend more when struck so that it is able to create much more friction between the grooves of the clubface. Paired with this outer cover is a new Q-Star Tour logo stamp that offers golfers an alignment tool that allows for a much clearer view at the address to see exactly when a putt is set to travel for greater accuracy.

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